Witchcraft of Salem Village

Witchcraft of Salem Village

Landmark Series
by Shirley Jackson
Publisher: Random House
Mass market paperback, 146 pages
Price: $5.99

Historical Setting: Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 A. D.

It all began with nine girls. The year was 1692, and the girls lived in the little town of Salem Village, Massachusetts. Nearly every day they listened to a West Indian woman tell stories of her homeland, stories about forbidden things—magic, superstition, and witchcraft. Soon the villagers noticed the girls acting strangely nervous. When they asked what was wrong, the girls said that witches were tormenting them. And that the witches were their neighbors! Before it was all over, several people were tried, convicted, and hanged in one of the most horrifying episodes in American history.

Note: We found this book to be a little unbalanced for our taste. As it is a secular author writing about a religious topic, this can be expected. But we feel that we should recommend something else to help round out the perspective. So, we'd like to draw to your attention this CD: Puritans vs. Witches, by Paul Jehle.

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