Wish Giver

Wish Giver

Three Tales of Coven Tree

by Bill Brittain, Andrew Glass (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcover, 181 pages
Used Price: $12.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

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You'll get what you wish for—whether you want it or not!

The people of Coven Tree are no strangers to magic. Even now, imps and fiends continue to appear, frightening the townsfolk with their devilish pranks. Usually these creatures are easy to spot. They have a particular smell, or sound, or way of moving, that betrays their dark nature.

But Thaddeus Blinn showed none of these signs when he came to the Coven Tree Church Social. He was just a funny little man who drifted into town with a strange tale about being able to give people whatever they wished—for only fifty cents.

There was nothing scary about him. At least, not until the wishing began...

Various people take cards from Mr. Blinn, who says he can give them whatever they desire. Polly, who has a sharp tongue, asks to be well-liked. Rowena wants Henry to stay in town long enough to put down roots. Sam, sick of hauling water, wishes for water on his folks farm. They all get their wishes, with some truly horrible side effects, in Brittain's Newbery Honor Book.

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