WISE Guide for Spelling (Old)

WISE Guide for Spelling (Old)

by Wanda Sanseri
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 240 pages
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See our honest review of Spell to Write and Read.

The WISE Guide covers 2,000 basic words (plus hundreds of derivatives) to teach the foundational principles of English spelling. This culmination of ten years of work replaces the spelling list in Writing Road to Reading as a required resource with Teaching Reading at Home. Combined with Mrs. Sanseri's newer book, Spell to Write and Read, and a few other materials, this is a thorough language arts program for students from first through fourth, or older students who need remedial help.

Some users of the preliminary field-test edition enthusiastically called this the "Wonderful Wise Guide." One claimed it had taken the stress out of organizing her homeschool. Another veteran teacher claimed for the first time to enjoy teaching spelling!

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