Winter at Valley Forge

Winter at Valley Forge

Survival and Victory

Adventures in Colonial America
by James Knight
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
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Historical Setting: Philadelphia, 1777-1778 A. D.

With black-and-white illustrations on each page, James E. Knight presents a personalized, intriguing picture of the fateful winter at Valley Forge. Writing as a soldier, each journal entry emphasizes on the hardships of surviving a cruel army winter besieged by the British. From lack of food to mutiny and fewer enlistments, Washington’s army suffered greatly, and was only held together by the strength of their leader. Though about 3,000 men died that winter, when it was finally over Washington still had a strong army. The text is simple and interesting to read, and the drawings help to visualize the narrative and draw the reader in. This book is essential to any American History reading list for younger children.

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