Winston Grammar Advanced - Set

Winston Grammar Advanced - Set

by Paul R. Erwin
Publisher: Precious Memories
Curriculum Bundle
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The Advanced Winston Grammar program picks up where the Basic program leaves off. After several worksheets of review, the topics covered are:

  • possessive adjectives
  • possessive pronouns and nouns
  • reflexives
  • interrogative pronouns
  • present and past participles
  • correlative conjunctions
  • infinitives
  • gerunds
  • relative pronouns
  • compound and complex sentences
  • embedded noun clauses

There is a pre-test for placement if the student has previously studied all the basic grammar concepts. This program has 55 worksheets, four quizzes (interspersed throughout the program), and a post-test.
The set includes a Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, and a set of color-coded cards, packaged in a Velcro-closed vinyl storage case.

If your student passes this post-test, they should be ready for the Advanced Winston Grammar Program.

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