Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

by Sir Owen Morshead (Author)
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Second Edition, ©1957, Item: 74347
Hardcover, 184 pages
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From the dust jacket:

For those who desire to know about Windsor Castle there are few books which are at the same time scholarly and readable. The massive volumes of St. John Hope, now out of print, demand both time and effort. Here is a book which may be read with pleasure both for ease of style and its command of the subject. 

Sir Owen Morshead, the Queen's Librarian, has lived within the castle for 30 years, and is recognized as the leading expert upon its history. In a swift and masterly narrative he traces its development through the nine centuries of its royal occupation. He reveals it both as stronghold and as home, thus completing the picture of a building which stirs the imagination of all.

His account is illustrated by over eighty splendid photographs commissioned for this volume. The State Apartments, widely known as a sequence of galleries, are thus disclosed as elements in this well-appointed house. 


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