Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

Illustrated Junior Library Series 2
by Kenneth Grahame, Richard "Dick" Cuffari (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1966, Item: 72280
Hardcover, 220 pages
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Since its first publication, more than fifty years ago, The Wind in the Willows has enjoyed a secure position as one of the truly great classics in the world of children's books. As fresh and timeless now as then, the story is imbued with the spirit of youth, exuberance, mischief and laughter.

From the moment the call of spring brings the Mole up from his dark little house to wander delightedly along the river bank, where he meets the Water Rat, the reader feels a joyous anticipation like that of spring itself. When Rat takes Mole for the first boat ride of his life. Mole manages to upset the boat, but it doesn't really matter. The two little friends already have eaten their picnic lunch, and what Water Rat minds an unexpected swim?

Mole meets the Badger and the Otter that first wonderful day, but when Rat takes him to Toad Hall to meet Mr. Toad, the fun really begins. Toad is a good-natured, affectionate animal, sometimes boastful and conceited, yet generous to a fault. But he is always taking up some new enthusiasm which inevitably lands him in trouble. This time it is motorcars. They do something to Toad which makes him completely irresponsible on the highroad. His loyal friends vainly try to save him from the consequences of his folly: and the hilarious adventures Toad encounters when he finally does escape his dismal fate make one of the high points of the book.

In contrast is the strange and moving experience Mole and Rat share when they are searching the river bank for the lost baby Otter. This is a book full of surprises both emotional and mental. Adding greatly to the visual appeal are Dick Cuffari's delightful illustrations in full color and black and white executed exclusively for The Illustrated Junior Library.

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