William Shakespeare's Star Wars Part the First

William Shakespeare's Star Wars Part the First

The Phantom of Menace

William Shakespeare Star Wars # 1
by Ian Doescher
Publisher: Quirk Books
Hardcover, 176 pages
Current Retail Price: $14.95
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Join us, good gentles, for a merry reimagining of Star Wars: Episode 1 as only Shakespeare could have written it. The entire saga starts here, with a thrilling tale featuring a disguised queen, a young hero, and two fearless knights facing a hidden, vengeful enemy. 

’Tis a true Shakespearean drama, filled with sword fights, soliloquies, and doomed romance . . . all in glorious iambic pentameter and coupled with twenty gorgeous Elizabethan illustrations. Hold on to your midi-chlorians: The play’s the thing, wherein you’ll catch the rise of Anakin!

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