by Phoebe Erickson
Publisher: Harper & Brothers
©1959, Item: 64990
Hardcover, 180 pages
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"Bronze Feather, a young Arapahoe Indian, was shocked and angry when he first saw the white man's method of rounding up horses. The low-flying airplane, and its sirens screaming, terrified the horses. It sent them on a mad chase ahead of the sound, and many of the crazed horses died from exhaustion before they could be corralled.

So it seemed more than justifiable to Bronze Feather to keep the tiny orphaned colt, abandoned by the fleeing horses, instead of turning him over to the party of wranglers. The boy hoped to train the colt with kindness, as his grandfather had once trained wild horses in the days before white men and airplanes appeared on the Wyoming desert. But the colt sickened in captivity, and because he loved it, Bronze Feather returned Wildwing to the herd.

This story of how Bronze Feather eventually gains the trust and love of Wildwing, and comes to realize there is good in both the old and the new ways, is rich and rewarding reading. Phoebe Erickson's many pictures add life and flavor to the words."

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