Why Pray?

Why Pray?

From Words to Relationship

by John F. DeVries
Publisher: Mission India
Trade Paperback
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Why Pray? reminds us that prayer is a love relationship with God in which we present our needs and then live in exciting, trust-filled wonder and anticipation of the unexpected ways that God will work. The book is divided into five weeks and concludes with a five-day epilogue on how to make our homes-Homes Of Prayer Everyday.

The first week of daily devotions covers the importance of prayer. In this section the reader will learn about praying because of who God is and because we are made in His image. Prayer is a profound priviledge and expression of our relationship with God. In the second week of devotions, DeVries explains the priorities in prayer. Instead of of praying, we often deal with little emergencies, agonize over problems, create plans, and throw ourselves into projects and lose our sense of direction.

During the third week of devotions, the author focuses on praying for our neighbors. Praying for neighbors is so important that failure to do this is actually a sin against God! Could it be that the evils in our cities are due in part to the fact that we aren't praying faithfully for our neighbors?

The fourth week considers the question, "How should we pray? DeVries uses the Lord's prayer as an outline of a conversation with God-like any conversation between friends. The fifth week stresses the power of prayer as Christians pray as royal priests. The author inspires the readers through vivid examples and actual accounts of how prayer has transformed the nation of India. After each meditation there are reflection and discussion questions for both personal and small group uses.

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