Why Baptize Babies?

Why Baptize Babies?

An Explanation of the Theology and Practice of the Reformed Churches

Answers in an Hour
by Mark Horne
Publisher: Athanasius Press
Trade Paperback, 61 pages
Price: $5.00

Here's the perfect "give-away" book for friends and family who question the practice of infant baptism.

If Reformed and Presbyterian churches claim to follow the Scriptures, why do they still baptize their infants? Isn't infant baptism just another bad idea held over from the Roman Church? Where do serious Bible-believing Christians find support for this practice? In this book, Mark Horne provides brief but thorough answers to these questions. If you are looking for a quick introduction to the Reformed view of baptism and covenant membership, here is the place to start.

The "Answers in an Hour" series is a collection of short, easily digestible books written with the inquirer in mind. Covering a range of introductory topics, these little volumes give you an overview of the things you want to study in just about sixty minutes.

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