Why and What

Why and What

Second Thoughts On the Christian Message

by Douglas Jones
Publisher: Canon Press
Saddle-stitched, 44 pages
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Written for the non-Christian or new Christian, this booklet aims to outline the challenges and features of the Christian worldview. Beginning by undermining non-Christian outlooks, it traces the Gospel through creation, the Fall, and redemption, along the way discussing such subjects as God's sovereignty, covenants, justification, holiness and the future.

Reason, according to some, is the set of rules of thought that we ought to use to evaluate our beliefs. Alternately, faith is seen as the rejection of these rules of thought in order to blindly embrace the dictates of authority.

Or so the story goes.

In this monograph, Doug Jones explains that it is not a question of faith vs. rationality—but of what faith and what rationality will be followed, and why. Written for the non-Christian or new Christian, this booklet outlines the challenges and joys of the Christian life.

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