Who Lives in This Meadow?

Who Lives in This Meadow?

A Story of Animal Life

by Glenn O. Blough, Jeanne Bendick (Illustrator)
Publisher: Purple House Press
Perfectbound, 46 pages
List Price: $12.99 Sale Price: $11.04

How would you like to hear a cheering song from a meadowlark, feast your eyes on a field of tall, waving grass in green and gold—and sniff the soft, sweet fragrance of blossoming clover? You can, in a meadow! You can find all kinds of animals too. Some of the animals dig in the ground. Some creep or crawl over it. Some of the animals live in the water, while others live on the water. Some climb trees and some fly through the air. To all of them, the meadow is home.

Come along and explore the meadow—discover where to find rabbits, snakes, ants, woodchucks, worms, woodpeckers, crayfish, and even the blue heron. Dr. Blough explains how they hunt and eat, care for their families, and protect themselves from their natural enemies.

Jeanne Bendick’s bright, colorful, and accurate pictures make it possible to recognize the meadow’s inhabitants and to understand why they are so well suited to their environment.

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