Who Lives at the Seashore? (2024)

Who Lives at the Seashore? (2024)

Animal Life Along the Shore

by Glenn O. Blough, Jeanne Bendick (Illustrator)
Publisher: Purple House Press
Perfectbound, 46 pages
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If you walk along the seashore on a bright summer day, you will feel the sun warm on your head and the sea spray cool on your cheeks, but you may see nothing more at all except an occasional gull overhead—or the sandpipers that race the waves at your feet.

Some strange and wonderful things happen where the land meets the sea. But many seashore creatures are hard to see unless you know where to look. Some can be found in shells, some in plants, while others are deep in the sand, or on the rocks.

Come walk along the shore with Dr. Blough as he discusses high tides and low tides, ocean shores, bay shores, rocky shores, and plants. Discover clams, mussels, periwinkles, crabs, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, and sea snails. You’ll even learn of an animal that has no house of its own.

Jeanne Bendick’s original, lively colored pictures make exploration even more fun.

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