White Snow, Bright Snow

White Snow, Bright Snow

by Alvin Tresselt
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
First Scholastic Printing, March 1988, ©1988, ISBN: 9780590409896
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The air is filled with soft powdery snowflakes whispering quietly as they sift down. The postman puts on his rubbers, the farmer goes to the barn for a snow shovel, the policeman buttons up his coat and his wife makes sure she has cough mixture in the medicine cabinet. The children catch the lacy snowflakes on their tongues and the rabbits hide in their burrows underground. The snow falls faster and faster until it covers everything and the houses crouch together, their windows peeking out from under great white eyebrows. Then the sun is shining and it's time to build snowmen and play. This well-written text makes the snow-covered town seem a warm and friendly place.

First published in 1947, White Snow, Bright Snow captures the wonder and delight children feel during a snowfall.

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