Whispering Island Game

Whispering Island Game

Based on Enid Blyton's Five Have a Mystery to Solve

by Enid Blyton, Gary Rees (Illustrator)
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
©1990, Item: 89476
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Vinyl case, cards, die, and book

You have often read The Famous Five adventures  . . now here's your chance to take part in one!

In this original series of Adventure Game Books, YOU decide what they do and whether they solve the mystery or not.

Everything you need to play the game is contained in your own Adventure Wallet. Inside it, you will find a book and a selection of playing cards including a compass, a torch, a map, a code book and a rucksack; and, in case you need refreshment, a lunchbox and picnic cards! There is even a special Famous Five dice! The game can be played over and over again, as many times as you like.  For there are a variety of routes to the solution and each route involves different clues and adventures.

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