When Homeschooling Gets Tough

When Homeschooling Gets Tough

by Diana Johnson
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
Price: $9.95
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Diana Johnson has more than twenty years of experience as a homeschool parent and nearly fifteen years of experience managing the homeschool department at a Christian bookstore. When Homeschooling Gets Tough is largely based on her direct interaction with a broad range of customers who were in need of support.

Many homeschoolers struggle with feelings of inadequacy and failure when their homeschool situation is not picture-perfect. In this timely book, Diana offers challenged homeschooling parents practical advice mixed with spiritual insight about:

(1) controlling the curriculum quest,

(2) defining basic educational objectives for different age groups,

(3) streamlining commitments, and

(4) developing realistic goals and schedules.

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