When Buffalo Ran

When Buffalo Ran

by George Bird Grinnell
Publisher: Hancock House
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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This 1920 classic is the story of Wikis, a Plains Indian who grew up in the mid-1800s. Wikis tells his own story, of how he grew from a child to a man, preserving the life and teachings of days that have long since passed away.

That night, while I slept, I dreamed that a wolf came to me, and spoke, saying: 'My son, the spirits to whom you have cried all day long have heard your prayers, and have sent me to tell you that your cryings have not been in vain. Take courage, therefore, for you shall be fortunate so long as these wars last. You shall strike your enemies; your name shall be called through the camp and all your relations will be glad.'

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