What's That Bird? MP Science Package

What's That Bird? MP Science Package

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Using several classic books on birds, this program was developed at Highlands Latin School and is used with 5th graders. The study of birds uses an easily observable part of nature as the source of a fascinating science study.

What's That Bird? includes the 30 most common birds you will find in your backyard. Many books about birds are too complicated or technical. Not this one! Simple, easy-to-use, fun—and, most importantly, educational—especially when paired with the Memoria Press Birds Study Guide Set. This study guide accompanies What's That Bird?, incorporating facts to know, comprehension questions, and characteristics of specific birds. Sections include, "Meet the Bird," "How Birds Live," and "The Wider World of Birds."

Peterson's First Guide: Birds and Coloring Book are written by the "father of modern bird watching." This easy-to-use First Guide is the perfect thing for elementary grades to learn how to identify birds. It focuses on 20 birds you are most likely to see in your backyard, no matter where you live. With illustrations and information on size, shape, color, and markings, as well as call, habits, and habitat, this book is a classic in its field. Just seeing a bird is wonderful, but in order to remember its coloring and markings, the best thing for the elementary student is to think about it a bit, which is what this color-in book accomplishes. Accompanied by facts about each bird, students will learn as they color.

*Coupled with Memoria's Exploring the History of Medicine science course, this makes for a year-long course.


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