What Shall We Do and Allee Galloo!

What Shall We Do and Allee Galloo!

Play Songs and Singing Games for Young Children

by Marie Winn (Editor), Allan Miller (Musical Arrangements), Karla Kuskin (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCrest
Library Binding, 88 pages
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What Shall We Do and Allee Galloo! is a unique collection of the kinds of songs that young children love best: activity songs or play songs. "What Shall We Do?" is a word-play song, "Allee Galloo" is a circle game, and the other songs in this book include games or activities for children to play or do while singing.

Activity songs make the perfect introduction to music and singing. Even before young children can sing a tune, they can clap or roll a ball or perform the other simple activities these songs invite. Older children will find the opportunity for participation and improvisation enormously appealing.

What Shall We Do and Allee Galloo! includes old favorites as well as less familiar songs that may well become new favorites. There are songs to sing in the car, songs to sing while waiting for the bus, songs for nursery schools or playgrounds. songs for bedtime–in short, an abundance of delightful children's songs for all times and occasions.

The piano arrangements by Allan Miller are well within the musical range of beginning pianists and yet reveal in their simplicity the taste and talent of an accomplished musician. Karla Kuskin's delightful and whimsical illustrations capture perfectly the feeling and mood of each song

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