What Makes a Car Go?

What Makes a Car Go?

by Scott Corbett, Leonard Darwin (Illustrator)
5th printing, ©1963, Item: 88466
Library Binding, 44 pages
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Here in plain words easy enough for a first-grader to read –and understand –are the workings of the family automobile.

What does the carburetor do, the pistons, and cylinders, the battery, and how does the transmission work?  It's all here –from the time the ignition key is turned and the car starts rolling, to the time the brakes stop it.  The author describes simply and clearly all the things that happen –and what makes them happen.

For children who know nothing about the workings of a car, their mothers who know not much more, and for fathers who know almost everything, this is a book that is fun because it makes it all seem so simple.  This is a book of facts that will thrill beginning readers (and it is worth every inch of the space it takes up in the glove compartment of the family car).

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