What Katy Did

What Katy Did

or, What Katy Did at Home

Katy Books
by Susan Coolidge
Publisher: Dover Publications
Mass market paperback, 148 pages
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Historical Setting: 19th Century America

Stubborn, reckless, and highly imaginative, twelve-year-old Katy Carr really wants to many wonderful things in her life (becoming a graceful young lady is just one of them!). But her quick temper and mischievous nature are making it extremely difficult, and a serious accident that leaves her paralyzed temporarily puts everything on hold.

During a long period of recovery, Katy learns gentle lessons in behavior from her invalid cousin Helen, who inspires Katy with her kindness, beauty, and generosity. Determined to become more like Helen, Katy endures physical and emotional pain while learning some difficult lessons in the school of life.

Fans of Little Women's Jo March and Anne of Green Gables will enjoy reading this unforgettable tale of a spunky heroine who learns patience and responsibility as a teen growing up in nineteenth-century America.

Gangly, quick-tempered Katy always means to be beautiful and beloved and as good as an angel one day, but meanwhile her resolutions somehow get forgotten or go horribly wrong. Until, one terrible day, the swing breaks. . . But it is still a long, eventful time before Katy learns to be as loving and patient as her beautiful, invalid cousin, Helen.

If you like this book, you can read most of the rest of the series for free on Project Gutenberg:

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