What Is a Family?

What Is a Family?

by Edith Schaeffer
Publisher: Baker Books
Trade Paperback, 219 pages
Price: $22.00

"A family is an art form. A family is an exciting career, because an art form needs work."
—Edith Schaeffer

In an age when the survival of the family as a living, loving unit is being threatened as never before, Edith Schaeffer presents a heartening view of family life. The family: It is an ever-changing mobile of life . . . a center for the formation of human relationships . . . a perpetual relayer of truth . . . a museum of memories . . . all of these and much more.

Edith Schaeffer's wisdom in these pages is drawn from sixty years of family experience. Written with rare insight and empathy, What Is a Family? explores the problems and challenges facing all Christians today. Mrs. Schaeffer focuses on the beautiful things a family can be with touches of imagination and careful expressions of forgiveness that offer hope and encouragement to those who treasure the values of family life.

Table of Contents:

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. A Changing Life Mobile
  3. An Ecologically Balanced Environment
  4. The Birthplace of Creativity
  5. A Formation Center for Human Relationships
  6. A Shelter in the Time of Storm
  7. A Perpetual Relay of Truth
  8. An Economic Unit
  9. An Educational Control
  10. A Museum of Memories
  11. A Door That Had Hinges and a Lock
  12. Blended Balances
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Summary: A family is many things, but for Edith Schaeffer it's mostly a place of forgiveness, grace, and growth.

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