What in the World's Going On Here? Part 1 - CD

What in the World's Going On Here? Part 1 - CD

A Chronological Overview from Creation to Christ

by Diana Waring
Audio CD
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A Judeo-Christian Primer of World History, newly revised and expanded!

The Puzzle

History is a jumble of facts seemingly unrelated to themselves and disconnected from our lives. Only academic specialists are trusted to manage the mess of names, dates and places. Everyone else relies on their expertise for mindless term papers and useless trivia.

The Problem

Christians attempting to reconcile Scriptural history to textbooks and museum placards are faced with an informational black hole that swallows the historical events of the Bible. Teachers and professional historians often deride Biblical history as myth, shattering students' faith with rhetoric and mishandled evidence.

The Revelation

Things are not as they seem. In this four-disc whirlwind adventure through time, Diana Waring reveals the astounding evidence for the Bible's authority in its description of the influential people and nations of antiquity. Drawing from many sources of archaeological events from earliest man to the great empires of Greece and Rome.

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  What In the World's Going On Here Pt 1
Bonnie Schneidau of Portland, 10/17/2008
This was an excellent tool to put History all together. It helps you to see the entire picture. It is no longer a disjointed study of Bible History/World History/American History now it all fits together and each has its own place. It is enjoyable to listen to. I find my children pulling it out to listen to over and over.