What Do Scientists Do All Day?

What Do Scientists Do All Day?

by Jane Wilsher, Maggie Li (Illustrator)
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
Hardcover, 64 pages
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What do scientists do all day? Find out in this beautifully illustrated book that features more than 100 scientists at work. Little ones can explore 14 different colorful scenes, turning the page after each to learn about eight special scientists you will find there.

Spot the scientists and learn about the jobs they do in these fascinating places: nature reserve, health center, Arctic research station, hospital, museum, our new city, mission control and on the space station, observatory, aerospace center, botanical gardens, Earth Science center, energy plant, university, and technology and computer lab.

Meet the environmentalist at the nature reserve, the nurse at the hospital, the archaeologist at the museum, the navigation engineer at mission control, the astronomer at the observatory, the fungi specialist at the botanical gardens…you'll be amazed at the range of things scientists work on.

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