What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism

What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism

by John Sartelle
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The children of believers are special in God's sight. John P. Sartelle shows why they are special and what it means for them to be baptized.

Parents whose children have been or are about to be baptized will find Sartelle's concise booklet to be just what they need to better understand infant baptism. The practical responsibilities of Christian parents and the promises of God regarding their children are set forth clearly and in a positive, unargumentative way. Written not for the professional theologian but for ordinary believers, this booklet can be read and enjoyed by all Christian parents.

Writes J. I. Packer, Infant Baptism: What Christian Parents Should Know "is far and away the best study of its kind—simple, vivid, practical, pastoral—that I have read. . .I commend it as intrinsically excellent [and] pastorally timely." Pastors and elders will especially want to make it available to those under their care.

Table of Contents:

    Introduction: Ritual without Reality
  1. Circumcision: A Great Heritage
  2. Baptism: A New Sign
  3. Circumcision Fulfilled by Baptism
  4. God and the Old testament Family
  5. God and the New testament Family
  6. Responsibilities of the Covenant Home
  7. Summary
  8. Questions Answered
  9. Questions to Consider
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