Western Expansion of the U.S. - Study Guide

Western Expansion of the U.S. - Study Guide

A Literature Approach to Nineteenth-century American History

by Rea Berg
©2009, Item: 25909
Comb bound, 35 pages
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This study is designed to cover the U.S. historical period known as the Western Expansion during the late 18th century through mid-19th century. Intended for 4th-7th graders, it comprises a sequel to the Early American History studies, however, neither are a prerequisite. Designed as a read-aloud program with lesson plans, comprehension questions, historical helps, relevant websites, and answer keys the student will journey from the Appalachians to the Far West reading noted authors such as James Daugherty, Edwin Tunis, and Genevieve Foster. This study can be completed in a semester doing three lessons per week.

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