Well-Planned Day

The Well-Planned Day household organizers and student planners are incredibly well-designed for the home school family and students. Different than most organizers and planners, these are designed with the school year in mind, starting in July and ending in June each year.

HEDUA's flagship planner, simply called the Well-Planned Day, is for the home school mom scheduling up to four students at a time. It has a lot of tools, but it's meant to help moms balance school with real life. So, for instance, each week incorporates a place to list goal priorities and dinner menu, along with weekend activities. It includes such nifty features as perforated shopping lists, pull-out report cards, budgeting and responsibility charts, and more—along with some fantastic articles for your encouragement and edification.

On the Go is meant as a household organizer for the out-and-about mom. Small enough to fit in a decent-sized purse, it includes an annual calendar and budget form, with monthly Money Management records, schedule forms and fun extras like holiday organization of Christmas cards and shopping lists.

The Well-Planned Day Calendar is attractive but not overly flashy. Its main benefit is its design—it's a larger size with large squares for writing down schedules and events.The paper used is sturdy, but not glossy, so you can erase that event that was canceled. Although it has one drawback—not including miniature before and following month schedules—this is one of our favorite tools from HEDUA.

For students, HEDUA offers two parallel student planners meant for elementary and middle school students (probably 4th grade at the lowest)—one for boys (the Tech style) and one for girls (the floral design). Both help students keep themselves on track with goals, and include recommended scripture to read, q&a from the WSC and great quotes from famous (and good) Christian authors.

The High School Planner includes monthly calendars and weekly schedule planners, with short quotes about Christian character throughout. If your student is college-bound, there are some helpful recommended dates and reminders for pursuing SAT or ACT testing, strategies for visiting schools, as well as ideas for building your portfolio.

Also for high school students are the 4 Year Plan books, designed to help students create their high school transcripts and portfolios. Volumes are released each year and are meant for the class graduating four years later. So, for instance, the 2015 edition is for the Class of 2019, and has record keeping for 2015-2019. Older books of nearly identical design have been released in 2012, 2013 & 2014. These books are reduced in price as their available use lessens.

The College/University Planner helps independent college students plan for success. It includes forms to help these young adults with living on their own, setting budgets, creating and sticking to a schedule. It helps them track their assignments, record grades, and organize their needed shopping or other to-do lists. Throughout are helpful lifestyle tips that help the students avoid debt, pay less for the things they need, and find jobs, as well as quotes from Christian authors to encourage a lifestyle that glorifies God.

And finally, new for 2014, is the Blog Planner. For veteran or beginner bloggers, this planner is meant to help you stay motivated and on track. Packed full of insider tips and practical articles from experts, it will help you focus on your personal goals, stay on schedule, and provide inspiration to bring your blogging to another level. This is an 18-month planner—runs from July 2014-December 2015.

Our Honest Opinion:

Rebecca Kelliher's planner design is intuitive and and attractive; we love that the articles are intelligent and solid; and we appreciate that they incorporate material from the Westminster Shorter Catechism. We could nitpick a few minor frustrations (like the four-student limit in Well-Planned Day); we doubt most people will utilize them to their full potential (for various reasons); and they're a little pricey. But overall, we really like these planners and highly recommend them.

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