Well-Ordered Language Level 4A - Student Book

Well-Ordered Language Level 4A - Student Book

by Tammy Peters, Daniel Coupland Ph.D.
Consumable Workbook, 233 pages
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A one-semester course for grades 6 and up

Well-Ordered Language Level 4 is the fourth part in a four-level series that demonstrates that grammar is an engaging study that appeals to students’ natural curiosity about words and language. The previous level, Well-Ordered Language Level 3, aided students in mastering predicate verbs, nominatives, and adjectives; prepositional phrases; personal pronouns; sensory linking verbs; indirect objects; interrogative pronouns; relative (adjectival) clauses; adverbial elements and clauses; reflexive pronouns; verbals; and types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex). Any student who has mastered these concepts should be prepared for Well-Ordered Language Level 4.

In Book 4A, students will review and strengthen skills already learned in previous levels while also being introduced to several new concepts.Students will also continue to develop their understanding of diagramming sentences, visualizing the grammatical relationships within increasingly complex sentences. In Well-Ordered Language Level 4A (WOL 4A) students will learn about:

  • Sentence diagramming (visualizing grammatical relationships within sentences)
  • Principal elements, adverbs & adjectives

  • Predicate verbs, predicate nominatives & predicate adjectives

  • Prepositional phrases

  • Personal pronouns

  • Indirect objects

  • Interrogative pronouns & interrogative adverbs

  • Relative clauses with relative pronouns & relative adverbs

  • Appositives


Note: Level 4 is the final level in the WOL series.

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