Weighing & Balancing

Weighing & Balancing

Young Math
by Jane Jonas Srivastava, Aliki (Illustrator)
©1970, Item: 82195
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From the dust jacket:

What is a balance? Seesaws, mobiles, even people, can be balances.

The reader of Weighing and Balancing learns how to construct a simple but very sensitive balance out of a wooden rod, some string, cup hooks, and paper plates. Equipped with this tool, it is easy for him to answer such questions as "Which is heavier, three pencils or two lumps of clay?" and to check the apparently obvious answer to the question "Which weighs more, an eight-ounce package of candy or an eight-ounce package of nuts?" The familiar question "Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of stones?" is no longer a riddle.

In his investigations, the reader uses nonstandard units of measure–jelly beans, marbles, and pencils–as well as standard units–pounds and ounces. Asked "Why does a boat float?" he uses his own balance and a jar of water, a piece of wood, and a stone in a fascinating experiment to explore the rather complicated subject of density.

This is an intriguing book packed with activities and ideas. The delightful illustrations are by Aliki.

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