Wee Sing Around the World

Wee Sing Around the World

by Pamela Conn Beall, Susan Hagen Nipp
Publisher: Price Stern Sloan
Trade Paperback, 64 pages
List Price: $10.99 Sale Price: $9.34

The beauty of multiple languages and ethnic music is presented in this incredible collection of children's songs from around the world. Children and adults from various countries say a greeting and introduce themselves in their own language and then in English. Songs are sung in the traditional language as well as in English, accompanied by musicians using ethnic instruments. What a great way for children of all ages to feel a little closer to other cultures around the world.


Samples in MP3 Format

  1. Wee Falorie Man (5:41
  2. Los Pollitos (Little Chicks ) (5:01)
  3. Veselee Husi (Jolly, Happy Ganders) (4:50)
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