We Were There with The Pony Express

We Were There with The Pony Express

by William O. Steele
Trade Paperback, 124 pages
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April 3, 1860 was a day to remember. St. Joseph, Missouri streets were teeming with excitement as the Pony Express was being organized. Now the Pony Express would carry a letter from Missouri to California in ten days instead of thirty.

Ride the trail through the fictional eyes of young Mark Claggett and his sister, whose father ran the way station at Egan Canyon. There is excitement, hard action, courage, and a real sense of the American pioneer spirit in this book.

"More than that, the Pony Express would tie the east and west coasts together providing communications, commerce, and political and social solidarity. The Pony Express stopped running after only about eighteen months of service. Its importance to a nation in distress will always be remembered. It helped to keep California in the Union. It showed that the Central route across the western plains was the best way for communications to go, and the telegraph wires followed this route to California."—from the text

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