We Were There with the California Rancheros

We Were There with the California Rancheros

We Were There #26
by Stephen Holt, William Reusswig (Illustrator), Oscar Lewis (Historical Consultant)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1960, Item: 41314
Hardcover, 179 pages
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Historical Setting: California, 1859

Rancho Las Flores meant all the world to young Romero Sanchez. It had been given to his father by Mexican Land Grant in 1834, and in those days his herds of cattle stretched far across the rolling California hills. But Romero's father had been killed by a bandit, and in this year of 1859, little remained of the great herds. Mexican peons, raiding Mojave and Paiute Indians, prowling cougars, and drought had decimated their numbers.

And now fourteen-year-old Romero, struggling manfully to preserve his home for his mother and his sister Raquel, faced still a newer danger. The government had opened up the land to the Americanos! Daily they arrived, traveling up the Santa Fe Trail in wagons, afoot, and on horseback. Romero, a native Californian, who looked down on farming, swore that no squatters would ever set foot on Rancho Las Flores. But the day came when they did!

Romero, on his great white horse Blanco, swept down upon Ray Peters' wagon and challenged his right to be there. Inevitably, the two boys were soon rolling on the ground in a fight to the finish.

What happened afterwards not only makes a tense, continually exciting story but also highlights a fascinating and important part of our American heritage.

We Were There books are easy to read and provide exciting, entertaining stories, based upon true historic events. Each story is checked for factual accuracy by an outstanding authority on this particular phase of our history. Though written simply enough for young readers, they make interesting reading for boys and girls well into their teens.

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