We Were There with Richard the Lionhearted in the Crusades

We Were There with Richard the Lionhearted in the Crusades

We Were There #16
by Robert N. Webb, Leonard Vosburgh (Illustrator), Professor Andre A. Beaumont (Historical Consultant)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1957, Item: 41308
Hardcover, 184 pages
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Historical Setting: 3rd Crusade, 1189

"In allowing yourself to be easily defeated, you conserve your strength for the final battle. Remember, it is always the final victory that counts."

Stern words, these. But young Guy of Faversham listened carefully to every word. For the man who spoke was Richard the Lionhearted, King of England, crusader bound for the Holy Land—and Guy was to be his squire in battle! 

The year was 1189. For three years the Saracens had held Jerusalem. Now Richard, upon his oath, would lead his forces with those of the French king, Philip, against Saladin and his hordes.

The trek from France, across to Sicily, by sea to Cyprus, then at last to the Holy Land, was hard, ever endangered by marauders, storms, and enemies of the King. But Guy and his friend Gladwyn served their King well. Even Drusilla, Guy's elfin sister, lady-in-waiting to Richard's queen, had to be held back from performing daring feats of heroism on the field of battle.

Messina ... Limassol ... Acre ... Arsuf—in every battle Guy swung his battle-axe and Gladwyn his quarterstaff with valour. Yet Guy little realized that the way home to England would bear even greater trials for the valiant King and his loyal squire than ever did the Saracen-held plains of the Holy Land.

We Were There books are easy to read and provide exciting, entertaining stories, based upon true historic events. Each story is checked for factual accuracy by an outstanding authority on this particular phase of our history. Though written simply enough for young readers, they make interesting reading for boys and girls well into their teens.

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