We Were There with Jean Lafitte at New Orleans

We Were There with Jean Lafitte at New Orleans

We Were There #11
by Iris Vinton, Robert Glaubke (Illustrator), Robert Tallant (Historical Consultant)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1957, Item: 41304
Hardcover, 183 pages
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Historical Setting: New Orleans, 1812

"I have a company of men, brave, disciplined, armed and true to the death. Will the State accept of their services against the enemy or not?"

With these bold words Jean Lafitte, pirate king of the Louisiana bayous, offered his services to the United States against the British in the War of 1812.

It was to be a fortunate union for the Americans, but particularly for young Barnaby Winn, ship's boy aboard the U.S. naval schooner Carolina. Otherwise Barnaby might never have come to know so well the legendary Lafitte, or his henchmen, M. Chighizola, René Beluche, and Nez-Coupé (Cut-Nose) or dignified M. Picot and his daughter, petite Suzanne.

Captured by Lafitte when pirate guns struck the Carolina, Barnaby quickly came to admire this frequent visitor to the Picot plantation where Barnaby was held.

When Barnaby returned to his ship, word came that British troops were fast approaching New Orleans. General Andrew Jackson was forced at last to accept Lafitte's offer of men, arms and ammunition.

The month that followed was filled with fighting. But with the New Year came victory. The Americans had won and Barnaby, with men such as Jean Lafitte, would forever be a part of the victory at New Orleans.

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