We Can Sign!

We Can Sign!

An Essential Illustrated Guide to American Sign Language for Kids

by Tara Adams, Natalia Sanabria (Illustrator)
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Perfectbound, 159 pages
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Easy signing is in your hands–an illustrated guide for kids ages 8 to 12

Discover how simple learning sign language for kids can be! Whether it’s for reaching out to a Deaf person, chatting with friends across a crowded room, or just learning an amazing new language, We Can Sign! is an essential guide to getting started with American Sign Language for kids.

Bursting with almost 200 fully-illustrated signs, memory tips, and more, this instructional aid for sign language for kids makes mastering ASL easy. Ten chapters take you all the way from sign language basics and conversation phrases to must-have vocab. Get signing today!

We Can Sign! An Essential Illustrated Guide to American Sign Language for Kids includes:

  • Up-to-date info–Learn the most modern version of American Sign Language–while also getting fun insight into Deaf culture.
  • Clear illustrations–Start signing fast with detailed drawings that show exactly how each sign should look.
  • 182 signs you need–Lessons begin simple and progress to more advanced ideas as you learn words and phrases that are perfect for use in a variety of situations.

Get a helping hand with this fully illustrated guide to sign language for kids!

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