Warehouse Sale

We're offering our first ever 3-day warehouse sale Thursday, December 1 - Saturday, December 3. Everything on the marked shelves in our Oregon City warehouse (next door to the store) will be $2 or less, with 10% off for full baskets on Thursday, 20% off for the same on Friday, and something special on Saturday. Also, there will be three hidden envelopes with special prizes hidden among the books, so come prepared to dig!



We're prepping like mad, typically adding about 4-8 more boxes of titles per day. Come explore the stuff you can't find on our website!

We're extending our hours for that Thursday (it's the only day we can), so if some of y'all want to come on an evening, I'll stay 'til 10pm, as long as people are still here at 9!




10am-10pm Thursday, Dec 1
10am-5pm Friday, Dec 2
10am-4pm Saturday, Dec 3.

Hope to see you there!