War Between the States - Study Guide

War Between the States - Study Guide

by John J. Dwyer
Consumable Workbook
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Few events in America’s history have been as influential—or as complicated—as the bloody war between our Southern and Northern states. No other event has so vividly underscored our strengths and weaknesses as a people and as a nation, and no other event has so changed our citizenry and our government.

In order to more clearly explain this conflict, John J. Dwyer has compiled documents on the development of social and religious ideas that preceded secession and war. The battles are described in detail and strategic context, depicting their effect on soldiers and civilians alike. At the war’s conclusion, there were further changes to society, attitudes, and legislation.

This study guide is provided to accompany the 700-page hardcover book The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War. Exercises are provided for each of the book’s 38 chapters. Features include detailed chapter summaries, lists of identification terms and fill-in-the blank completion exercises, timeline exercises, suggestions for essays, and thought questions.

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