Walter Raleigh: Man of Two Worlds

Walter Raleigh: Man of Two Worlds

World Landmark #58
by Henrietta Buckmaster, Herman B. Vestal (illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
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Soldier, statesman, writer, scientist—Sir Walter Raleigh is one of the most colorful figures in English history.

As a young man, Raleigh quickly caught the attention of Queen Elizabeth I, who was greatly impressed by his handsome appearance, keen wit, and bold advice. A fierce fighter and expert seaman, he dreamed of establishing strong English colonies in the New World and challenging the might of Spain.

But Raleigh had the misfortune to antagonize Elizabeth’s successor, James I. Charged with treason, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Under such circumstances, many lesser men might have given way to despair, but in prison Raleigh found his greatness.

Here is a vivid portrait of the dashing adventurer who walked as a titan among the men of England's golden Elizabethan Age.

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