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Most classical educators have adopted the philosophy that history should be taught chronologically, using a blend of resources—biographies, historical fiction, non-fiction fact books. Veritas Press is no exception:as theybegan developing their history curriculum for grammar school students, it became apparent that most children believed that biblically recorded events occurred before non-biblically recorded events. Few students understand the simultaneous nature of pyramid building in Egypt and God raising up a people to serve and worship him through Abraham. They set about to make that clear.

They developed a curriculum using weekly flashcards, afact song, aset of worksheets, and a mix ofgeneral resources to teach major historical periods. This, Old Testament & Ancient Egpyt, is the first. The resources found below supplement their published materials.

Recommended Resources:

Priority 1 Resources: # Used:
Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Journey Through the Bible
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
Streams of Civilization: Volume 1
Student Bible Atlas
Usborne Time Traveler
Tut's Mummy . . . Lost and Found
Priority 2 Resources:  
Abingdon's Reproducible Old and New testament Maps
Art of Ancient Egypt
Bible, New King James Version
Eyewitness Books: Ancient Egypt
Eyewitness Books: Pyramid
Great Pyramid
Greenleaf Guide to Old testament History
Usborne Illustrated World History: Early Civilizations
Priority 3 Resources:  
Children's Illustrated Bible
Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt
Mummies, Tombs & Treasures


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Ancient Egypt- Greenleaf Guide
by Cynthia Shearer
from Greenleaf Press
Ancient Egypt History Curriculum for 2nd-7th grade
Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
in Ancient Egypt (Location: HISW-ANEG)
$7.50 $4.50 (2 in stock)
Children's Illustrated Bible
by Selina Hastings
from DK Publishing
for 1st-6th grade
in Bible Stories for Kids (Location: BIBR-STO)
Great Pyramid
by Elizabeth Mann
from Mikaya Press
for 2nd-5th grade
in Ancient Egypt (Location: HISW-ANEG)
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
2nd edition from Kingfisher
World History Reference for 2nd-Adult
in History Encyclopedias & Fact Books (Location: HISRF-ENC)
$21.00 (3 in stock)
Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure
by Lila Perl
from Houghton Mifflin
for 3rd-6th grade
in Ancient Egypt (Location: HISW-ANEG)
$8.95 $5.00 (2 in stock)
Old Testament History - Greenleaf Guide
by Robert & Cynthia Shearer
from Greenleaf Press
Ancient History Reference for 2nd-8th grade
in Ancient History (Location: HISW-ANC)
$11.95 $8.00 (4 in stock)
Tut's Mummy
Step Into Reading Level 4
by Judy Donnelly & James Watling
from Random House
Non-fiction for 1st-3rd grade
in Step into Reading (Location: EAR-STEP)
$3.99 $2.00 (2 in stock)
Usborne Time Traveler
by Tony Allen
from Usborne
Ancient/Middle Ages History Reference for 3rd-8th grade
in World History Reference (Location: HISRF-WO)
World History in Verse - Volume 1
by David Manley
from Accent Publications
for 1st-3rd grade
in Ancient History (Location: HISW-ANC)