Volumetrics Eating Plan

Volumetrics Eating Plan

Techniques and Recipes for Feeling Full on Fewer Calories

by Barbara Rolls
Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcover, 317 pages
Current Retail Price: $29.95
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From nutrition expert and author of the hugely popular The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, comes an illustrated eating plan based on her breakthrough approach to weight loss

Almost four years after it first appeared, Dr. Rolls’ landmark Volumetrics is still selling, rapidly approaching 150,000 copies in combined editions. Now, Dr. Rolls offers a valuable collection of 125 Volumetrics recipes, along with a menu planner that will enable her readers to quit “dieting” for good, and lose excess pounds without deprivation or yo-yo weight loss/gain.

Her recipes follow the sensible, balanced, effective model of Volumetrics, putting her revolutionary concept into real and tangible instructions for every meal. With this important new recipe collection, lavishly illustrated with 40 color photographs, readers can enjoy home cooked meals that will help them shed pounds without sacrificing the pleasures of cooking and dining with friends and family.

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