Voice In the Dark

Voice In the Dark

Richard Wurmbrand

CF4Kids Trail Blazers
by Catherine Mackenzie
Mass market paperback, 187 pages
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“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?” Richard’s voice cracked under the strain and he could hardly breathe in the stagnant air of the prison he was being forcibly taken into!

When Romanian pastor Richard Wurmbrand was arrested, imprisoned, and tortured for his faith in Christ in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, those who thought they could break his faith by holding him there, discover that their prisoner is held captive by a Lord whose love shines even in the darkest place. This incredible story of a faithful man’s captivity has been an inspiration to any who have read of him.


  1. Arresting Times
  2. Prisoner, March!
  3. Sabina!
  4. Richard’s Guest
  5. Questions, Questions!
  6. Death and Depression
  7. Torture
  8. Solitary Silence
  9. Dancing and leaping and praising God
  10. Dear Jesus
  11. Room 4
  12. Re-education
  13. New cell, old problems
  14. Free – at last
  15. Going home
  16. Re-arrest
  17. Alone with God
  • Thinking further topics
  • Life summary
  • Timeline
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