Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV - Workbook

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV - Workbook

Publisher: A Beka Books
5th Edition, ©2012, Publisher Catalog #167924
Consumable Workbook
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For each vocabulary word, the following information is given: syllabication, pronunciation, part of speech, etymology, definition, sentence example, synonyms, antonyms, and related forms. Contains a convenient Word Analyzer made up of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots. If one knows these word parts, he can determine the meaning of thousands of new words without having to look them up. Every lesson gives the student practice in using the Word Analyzer. To help students sharpen their reasoning ability, the book features a series of verbal analogies. The spelling words in the first few lessons illustrate the "Four Spelling Rules to Master" at the front of the book. The rest of the words are from lists of the most troublesome words. A wide variety of outstanding poetry is included for student memorization.

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