Vocabulary From Classical Roots C

Vocabulary From Classical Roots C

by Nancy Flowers, Norma Fifer
Consumable Workbook, 120 pages
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Vocabulary from Classical Roots is a thematically organized vocabulary program based on Greek and Latin roots. Each of the 16 lessons features 2-3 roots and 8-15 words derived from these roots. Words are presented with dictionary-style definitions, and all words are used in example sentences. Lists of "Familiar Words" and "Challenge Words" are provided for each root to help all students activate prior knowledge and keep advanced students on task. Nota Benes sprinkled throughout the text enliven presentation and give interesting information on word history and additional derivations. Exercises include synonym/antonym, fill in the blank, identification of incorrect usage, and analogies. Review activities including writing extensions, discussion questions, and other exercises are provided after every two lessons.

Book C has been recently revised to include 2 new paragraphs at the end of each review exercise for a total of 16 new paragraphs. Each paragraph includes approximately 4 word substitutions each. Students are asked to substitute the appropriate vocabulary word for each word or phrase in parentheses.

The themes presented in Book C include: The Person, Personal Relationships, Feelings, Creature Comforts, The Head, The Body, The Hands, and The Feet. Some of the words presented in this book include: autonomy, apathy, cerebral, xenophobia, progeny, patrimony, odious, covet, facade, and gorge.

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