Vocabulary From Classical Roots 5

Vocabulary From Classical Roots 5

by Lee Mountain
Consumable Workbook, 72 pages
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Vocabulary from Classical Roots is a thematically organized vocabulary program based on Greek and Latin roots. Each lesson features 2 roots and 8 words derived from these roots. Words are presented with dictionary-style definitions, and all words are used in example sentences. Lists of "Familiar Words" and "Challenge Words" are provided for each root to help all students activate prior knowledge and keep advanced students on task. Nota Benes sprinkled throughout the text enliven presentation and give interesting information on word history and additional derivations. Exercises include Using Root Clues; Synonyms & Antonyms; Meaning in Context; and Extend Your Vocabulary. Four review lessons feature Matching, Sorting, Vocabulary from Your Textbooks, Rhyming Riddles, and Writing and Discussion activities.

The themes presented in Book 5 include: Going in Circles, Balancing Evenly, Moving Across and Between, Looking at Our Planet, Exploring Distant Places, Changing Meaning with Prefixes, Creating Order, Measuring in Math and Science, Pulling Together, Cracking Open, Placing the Foundation, and Connecting with Prefixes.

Skills Addressed:

  • Greek and Latin roots
  • Using roots as meaning clues
  • Word origins and etymologies
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Word usage
  • Word forms
  • Critical thinking
  • Dictionary and glossary use
  • Multiple-meaning words
  • Parts of speech
  • Prefixes
  • Spelling
  • Suffixes
  • Test taking/assessment
  • Writing
  • Content area connections
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