Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power

Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power

by Sam Burchers
Publisher: New Monic Books
4th Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9780965242233
Trade Paperback, 347 pages
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Following the pattern of the original Vocabulary Cartoons, Vocabulary Cartoons:SATWord Power includes 290 words at a much more advanced level. Designed primarily to help students prepare for various college entrance exams, the book can be used by anyone high school age or older wanting to improve their vocabulary. Words range from the familiar (maim, endure) to the unusual (truculent, fjord).

For each word there is a cartoon illustration depicting a ridiculous scene of some kind, followed by a sentence using the word and another that sounds like it; mnemonic devices like this have been proven to increase memorization power. Proper pronunciation and definition of the word under consideration are also included, as well as three extra sentences using it in its proper context. Every ten words there is a review quiz with matching and fill-in-the-blank to ensure students understand the proper usage and meaning of the words.

While this certainly works well as test prep, it also makes a great supplement to a more thorough vocabulary program. The mnemonic methodology works great for almost any learning style, and the more students use the approach, the more they will be able to develop their own mnemonics for memorizing words not included in the book. Because of this, Vocabulary Cartoons:SATWord Power could even be used as a tool for developing memory skills, and the methods it contains applied to other subjects and disciplines.

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