Visual Perceptual Skill Building - Book 1

Visual Perceptual Skill Building - Book 1

by Raya Burstein
Consumable Workbook, 192 pages
Price: $19.99

Fun activities develop letter, word, and number recognition skills. Prepares students for high achievement in reading, spelling, writing, spatial reasoning, and visual math.

Visual Perceptual Skill Building develops your child's recognition of letters, words, numbers, and similar/dissimilar objects. It also improves sequencing and visual memory skills.

These quick, engaging activities are designed specifically for shorter attention spans. No reading is required. Directions may be read aloud as needed. The book includes eight progressively more challenging skill sections with pretests and post-tests to evaluate students' beginning and ending skill levels.

Includes brief instructions, definitions of terms, and answers

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Skills Taught:

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  • Mazes
  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Visual Figure Ground
  • Visual Form Constancy
  • Visual Memory
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Visual Spatial Relationships
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  Super Impressive!
Kirsten Baldwin of Oregon, 10/17/2008
Within two weeks of using this curriculum, I saw a marked difference in my son's handwriting and spelling. He was neater and able to stay within the lines with more ease. He flipped his letters less and stayed true to upper or lowercase rather than using both in a word. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am pleased with the product and I plan to use the second one in the series as well.