Visits to South & Central America, Australia

Visits to South & Central America, Australia

Your Guide to Exploring South & Central America, Australia through Maps and Living Books!

by Sonya Shafer
Spiralbound, 87 pages
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Make geography come alive through the delightful combination of maps and living books!

With Visits to South and Central America, Australia, you will explore geography through captivating photography, a traveler’s firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps.

This Visits to South and Central America, Australia notebook serves as your guide to

  • see the big picture as you explore South and Central America and Australia.
  • become familiar with the countries of the world and where they are located.
  • get to know real families who live in those countries and see what their lives are like.
  • look closely and carefully at the details of those families’ countries.
  • create a personal map book.

With short map drills, guided readings from two fascinating living geography books—Material World and Hungry Planet: What the World Eats,—leading narration and discussion questions, meaningful map studies, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities, you are sure to enjoy these visits to South and Central America and Australia!

Book List for Visits to South and Central America, Australia

Required books

Optional Recommended Reading

Grades 1–3 or Family

  • Are We There Yet? A Journey around Australia by Alison Lester (This book is out of print but will give a great overview of Australia if you can find a copy.)
  • Elena’s Story by Nancy Shaw
  • Hands of the Rain Forest: the Embera People of Panama by Rachel Crandell (This book is out of print, but a library near you may have a copy.)
  • Herbert: The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog by Robyn Belton
  • A Mango in the Hand: A Story Told through Proverbs by Antonio Sacre
  • Not Just Tacos by Shirley Solis
  • Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown

Grades 4–12

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