Violet T. Kimball

Kimball was born on May 27, 1932, in North Carolina and then studied at the University of Missouri and Southern Illinois University. Starting in 1970 she freelanced as a writer and photographer and won awards for her photography and her newspaper and magazine articles on diverse subjects. Then after listening for years to her husband, a history professor, as he spoke authoritatively about the Mormon Trail, Kimball finally ventured out into the world to explore it herself. Enthralled with all she saw and read, she took many photographs and started writing a nonfiction book based on the lives of the children who had headed West with their parents, looking for a better life.

Stories of Young Pioneers came from her intense interest in the diaries and journals left by children. She believes that the stories portray the hope and positivity of youth, and the children of then serve as role models for kids today. An avid hiker, Kimball trekked and photographed the three most significant overland pioneer trails. When she isn't traveling, she lives and writes from her home in Illinois.

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Stories of Young Pioneers
by Violet T. Kimball
from Mountain Press
Historical Non-fiction for 6th-11th grade
in Pioneer & Frontier Life (Location: HISA-19PIO)