Victorian Days

Victorian Days

American Kids in History
by David C. King, Cheryl Kirk Noll
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
1st Edition, ©2000, ISBN: 9780471331223
Trade Paperback, 112 pages
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What would it be like to grow up in New York City during the exciting Victorian era? Travel back to 1893 and find out.

Join the Kadinskys, a family of Polish immigrants working hard to start a new life, and the Hobarts, a well-to-do American family living in a large house near Central Park. Steam into New York Harbor with eleven-year-old Mary Kadinsky and share her thrilling first sight of the Statue of Liberty. Start a new school year with twelve-year-old William Hobart and discover a game called basketball.

Be a part of their daily lives during this time of remarkable growth and change with fun and easy projects, recipes, activities, and games. Make cinnamon bread sticks and play Polish checkers. Decorate Easter eggs and prepare for a Victorian Christmas. Create Polish paper cutouts and cook up your own rock candy. Share the Victorians' love of nature and collecting, and learn to make plaster of paris casts of natural objects like autumn leaves--or animal footprints. Experiment with snowflake impressions, learn to measure the distance of lightning, and unlock the secrets of electricity.

From Mary's inviting kitchen and William's basement workshop to the bustling beach resort at Coney Island and ice-skating in Central Park, Victorian Days will take you back to a fascinating period in American history.

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